We're enabling a world where everyone can make the right career moves.

We're empowering job seekers like you to make your best career decisions. How? By building data-driven intelligence that supports your goals, skills, and needs.

Who is Lensa?

How do we make jobs and careers better and smarter for everyone? This has been Lensa's mission since launching in San Francisco, CA in August 2016. Using machine learning, we instantly match talent with the best opportunities—and empower smarter career decisions.

With millions of daily users, multiple US offices, and a team of developers and data scientists at our R&D headquarters in Europe, we're working every day to help you build your best career.

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Our Values

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Believe in dataWe believe in data over assumptions.

Have fun along the wayWe believe firmly in our goal, and also in having fun while achieving it. Our work is also our passion. And who said job search can't be joyful?

Iterate towards excellenceWe strive to be the absolute best at what we do and uphold the highest standards. At the same time, we know we don't expect to always reach the finish line on the first step.

Make an impactWe think big and seek to effect a major change. This means challenging the status quo.

Be curiousWe embrace experimentation. Exploring new avenues has value even when they lead to dead ends. We would rather learn from how the market responds than act on hypotheticals.

Need for speedWe are biased towards action and moving quickly. We put speed before perfection.

Listen. Prioritize. Deliver.We believe in the power of listening and learning from conflict constructively. Prioritization beats trying to solve for everything. It always comes down to results.

Together we're unstoppableWe stand together, because our community is greater than the sum of its parts.

Be transparentWe don't hide things. Honesty matters.

Take ownershipWe encourage stepping up and owning up. We don't point fingers.